Our Team

We are a community of experts who aims to help to develop a community of practice stemming from different organizations able to provide an A-to-Z (turn-key) experience in developing circular solutions and value chains.

Maxim Amosov is a founder, scientist, builder and CEO at Organic Village, holding degrees of Eng. Cadastre and MSc. Urban Environmental Technology and Management. He co-created Metabolic and De Ceuvel projects in Amsterdam, and designed a scientifically validated Integrated Approach. His passion lays in the domains of teaching, spiritual growth, complexity engineering, cleantech prototyping & change management.

Till Weidner is a process and systems engineer with experience in production engineering (Bosch and P&G), management consultancy (McKinsey) and social enterprise consulting (Ashoka). He is currently a PhD candidate at Oxford University looking at synergies between urban agriculture and decentralized organic waste treatment. Till is keen to advance the circular bioeconomy through socially and ecologically smart policy and business approaches.

Andrés Vaqueiro is an industrial engineer and an industrial ecologist, passionate to improve society through two cunning approaches. Andrés has a passion for innovation, sustainable development and social impact towards vulnerable communities. He has worked as a business coaching assistant, volunteered at an eco-village improving sustainability measures, and is currently working at Organic Village’s Infinity team on developing a systems mapping tool that accelerates circular economy.

Stefanos Solomonides is an MSc. graduate in Environment & Resource Management specialised in Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services. Having worked as a researcher and consultant, he now focuses on the development of practical tools around circular economy. At Organic Village, he is primarily involved in the development of Infinity platform for system complexity management. Infinity aims to help practitioners make decisions that can yield results.

Xander De Bruine is primarily an expert in the field of International Water Management. He has extensive experience developing effective and pragmatic international meetings, publications and virtual communication. His projects are characterized by bringing together international professionals within the fields of science, business and government. He excels in facilitating progress towards sustainable development and balancing the built and natural environments.

Hector M. G. Reider de la Garza has a degree in Environmental Science and soon a Masters in Urban Environmental Management focused on cross-sector collaborations and matters of trust, Hector is poised to work in multidisciplinary teams. His passion is still the ocean, but he explores topics related to circularity and urban farming too. Hector is helping in the mapping and analysing of stakeholders in order to develop a network of collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Simone Ballard‘s journey into the circular economy and emergent technologies began after moving to the city of New Orleans in 2011, 6 years after Hurricane Katrina. The rebuilding efforts illuminated the importance of a global mind-set shift in terms of resilience, infrastructure, and community organization. She has an MSc. in Environment and Resource Management from VU Amsterdam and helps several sustainability start-ups with communications and business development.

Twan Bierens has 14 years of experience in subsidies (regional, national and European) and fundraising and support with financial management, follow-up of regulations and project administration.

Fenno Verdaasdonk translates complex societal & sustainability topics into engaging strategies, communities and campaigns. As a creative business developer with a strategy-mindset, he learned the hard way as an entrepreneur on how to make his hands dirty by achieving concrete goals and to be strongly results-orientated. He brings a profile with a wide scope; with a background in corporate traineeships, impact startups and sustainable strategies but also in art, music and an MSc. degree in Innovation.